Topic: TLS1.2 support for Recorder 6

Has anyone successfully got Recorder 6 making TLS1.2 connections?

We have Recorder 6 installed on a Windows Server 2016 box, connecting through to a back end SQL Server database.  I am currently looking at how to configure R6 to use the TLS1.2 protocol for this connection. I believe it’s currently using the built in SQL Server driver (SQLSRV32.dll) which won’t work with TLS1.2.  I’d like to update the connection to use an up to date ODBC Driver but I’m not sure where this is configured.

I'm hoping someone may have had some luck with this and can offer some suggestions.



Re: TLS1.2 support for Recorder 6

TLS1.3 is the latest version - have you tried that?

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