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Topic: BRC vs NBN Atlas

BRC had Rich Burmar improve the iRecord mapping and they look pretty good now.
However these maps only display some of the records, just those held on iRecord/Indicia.
They omit the Open Data on NBN Atlas.
Compare these two maps:
iRecord https://irecord.org.uk/species-details? … _id=192910
My latest map https://micropezids.myspecies.info/site … 202022.jpg which includes all iRecord + NBN Atlas + iNaturalist +scheme submissions
The latter will be shown on NBN Atlas too as I've updated my Recording Scheme records from all sources. Mine's pretty as I did it in QGIS but the NBN Atlas one is not quite so pretty.

Why are BRC and NBN competing in this way with data from two different silos, one of which is clearly data poor and thus gives a completely inaccurate picture.

I've discussed NBN Atlas atlases before (https://forums.nbn.org.uk/viewtopic.php?id=7719) and been assured that they'd like to improve their mapping
This is a major Open Data issue. Any publication citing BRC data/maps alone will lack rigour

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Re: BRC vs NBN Atlas

Hi Darwyn,
The NBN Trust's aim has always been to bring good quality species data together and make it accessible, which we are doing through the NBN Atlas. We have been working with BRC and supporting each other's work for many years and will continue to do so to try and ensure the most complete picture of UK species. We will therefore discuss the issue you raise with them.
In terms of the mapping, as Sophia may have already said, we are starting to go through the requirements with stakeholders and will give an update on this as soon as we are able.
All the best,