Topic: Transfer R6 to a new computer

I need to transfer R6 and all associated files to new computer running Windows 11.
My current R6 has been updated to 6.30.0291 (Dictionary 00000052, Database 000000C3) and I'm using SQL Server Management Studio 2014.

What version of SQL d you recommend?
Is there a quick way to reinstall R6 that does not involve updating to the current version and installing all the Dictionay updates?




Re: Transfer R6 to a new computer


You transfer your whole database with the dictionary as you have it directly to the new machine. The process is as follows.

1. Install SQL Server 2017. If you have trouble finding this let me know. You must also install Management Studio. This can be the latest version  available from Microsoft.
2. Download R6 Version 6.30 from www.Recorder6.info. and install this.
3. Make sure R6 is working. At this stage you will have blank database and you don't need to worry about what you put into it as it will be replaced in the next stage of the process.
4. Using Management Studio detach the DB on your old machine.
5.  Using Management Studio detach the DB on your new machine.
6. Copy the db and log file from your old machine to the new machine, replacing the db and log files which are there,
7. Attach the db on your new machine.
8. You should now be able to use R6
9. Copy over any other files you may have (ie Rucksacks and Recording cards). If you have been using mapping and need to retain any boundaries etc. let me know, These can be transferred if required.

The process is also detailed in a document available at http://www.recorder6.info/page31.html

Mike Weideli


Re: Transfer R6 to a new computer

Thanks Mike
The instructions are very clear, so I should be able to transfer the system without too many problems.
Your support and advice is always appreciated.