Topic: Problems with NBN Login

I have ben experiencing problem when trying to log-in to NBN.
The following error message appears

Application Not Authorized to Use CAS

The application you attempted to authenticate to is not authorized to use CAS. This usually indicates that the application is not registered with CAS, or its authorization policy defined in its registration record prevents it from leveraging CAS functionality, or it's malformed and unrecognized by CAS. Contact your CAS administrator to learn how you might register and integrate your application with CAS.

Please can you fix it?




Re: Problems with NBN Login

Hi Christine,

I am sorry, the developers made an update to the authentication component on Friday and didn't notice the problem on the Atlas Scotland. The problem is corrected now and you should be able to log in.

I am sorry for the inconvenience,

Best wishes, Sophie


Re: Problems with NBN Login

Thank you Sophie.
I've just tried again and the Login is working.