Topic: Excel file not recognised

I am having a problem with a particular Excel file with spider data. I am using Recorder 6.3 and I have already loaded several files successfully including one supplied by the same person. At the very first file selection stage R6.3 is not recognising the file (ie it does not come up in the list). I have checked *.xlsx etc but still not there.
So I assume it has some bug characters or code in it.
I tried exporting the data to Word (as text only) and then re-importing into a fresh Excel. Giving it new names, saving as csv and txt and everything else I can think of but its beyond me now.
Please would someone have a look for me?
I am attaching the file that I have created via Word and given a new filename.
Many thanks

Dr Philippa Tomlinson
Biological Records Manager
Manx Biological Recording Partnership


Re: Excel file not recognised


Can you try a fiel that has worked before. This file as sent to me works fine without any modification.

Mike Weideli