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it looks like one parish in our county is missing in Recorder. I didn't find a way to add it via the user interface. As far as I can see the parishes are hold in the table 'Admin_Area'. Can I add the parish there myself?



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If you can add it through Sql Sever, MS Access or similar then this will be fine as long as you never share the data. Create a key based on your site id and set it up in the same way as a parish within the same admin area. .Put the missing details in this post and possibly it could be added for everyone at the next dictionary update.

Mike Weideli


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If I remember rightly, the admin areas are very out of date, at least for Lincs.

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


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The Admin  tables were maintained by JNCC, but I expect they were not being kept up to date even while JNCC were supporting R6. If anyone wants to work out what changes are required  for their area they can be incorporated into a Dictionary upgrade. I think the structure is self explanatory, but if advice is required please ask.

Mike Weideli