Topic: version 6.3 upgrade ... map window not opening

Our Recorder is on our Govt network. They installed Recorder 6.3 a few months ago but were unable to get the map window to open.
The error message I get is:
"Error Code -6 : Invalid file - Failed to create the sheet layer files. This may be because the Object Field File Path (\\reiltys.governement.iomgov\root\MNH_Apps\Recorder6\Object Sheet\) cannot be written to by Recorder because of file permissions."

I sent our Govt computer people this error message but they did not understand it!!
Could someone help me by telling me what I should ask them to do? I do not know how to find out where the actuial permission is being denied.

I am also attching to error message

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Dr Philippa Tomlinson
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Re: version 6.3 upgrade ... map window not opening

Go to Map in the R6 main menu then open the Admin tab. At the bottom you should see the file location for the three types of map files. If you create a file - say in Notepad, Word, Excel - then you should be able to save it to any of these three locations. If you can't then you don't have permission to write the folder. You may not even  be able to see them. One option is to get the Computer people to move the files in these locations to somewhere that you have read/write access. They can then change the R6 Registry to point to the locations.There is a very detailed document under the heading Managing the R6 Mapping System at http://www.recorder6.info/page31.html  This explains where the registry entries are and these need to be checked and changed on all work stations using the system.

Mike Weideli