Topic: The search results include records for synonyms and child taxa

When searching for records of eg a genus: https://records.nbnatlas.org/occurrence … ecordsView, the drop down box next to the results count includes a multi select of the child taxa included in the search, but also includes a "not supplied" value (see attached). Ticking this and refining the search gives me:

No records found for Scientific name (unprocessed):"Not supplied"

The count of "not supplied" records appears to be included in the total results count which suggests there are some records to be found. Going via the filters on the left hand side and filtering the Scientific name (unprocessed) to "not supplied" results in 820 returned records (which have a taxon key, but no scientific name supplied, hence the "not supplied" I guess)

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Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


Re: The search results include records for synonyms and child taxa

Hi Charlie,

Yes, those 820 are records that were supplied with just a taxon id and no scientific name. Thanks for letting me know about the issue. I will ask if the filter behind the 'Not supplied' option can be corrected.

Thanks, Sophie