Topic: Editing Records


I was wondering if there's a relatively simple way to edit/delete multiple records? Following a review of some historical records, a number of duplicate records have been identified that need deleting, as well as records with discrepancies that need editing as they are resolved. Is there a way of doing this that doesn't involve going through each record individually (particularly where there are groups of records to be removed)?

Additionally, when records were entered into Recorder in the past, abundance data was recorded under Taxon Abundance (None). We've since started using Taxon Abundance (Present), and I'm curious as to whether there's a way to change the column for the historic records to match the more recent ones?

Thank you,
Charlie Davis


Re: Editing Records

Hi Charlie

There are lots of batch updates that can update multiple records in one go. What they do and how they work varies so you'd need to look through them all to see if there are any to suit your needs. Some use .CSV files containing the keys to records you want t update, so you'd need to be able to generate a list of the keys using a report. If there isn't a batch update to do quite what you need someone may be able to help if you can't figure out how to change them yourself.


Andy Foy
Systems Manager
Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL) CIC