Topic: Newbie Issues

Just thought I'd flag up a couple of issues that cropped up when I set up R6 for the first time as a new user.

First - when I downloaded the SQL software I thought that somehow I needed to 'activate' it so that R6 would find it when I downloaded that. I found an 'install' exe file and ran it, but it seemed to be a vestigial file unrelated to the version I'd downloaded. I kept being asked to point it at an older version of SQL which didn't make sense. Anyway, the long and short of it is that you don't need to do anything other than download the version you want/is recommended in the R6 guide.

Second - when I came to update the dictionaries I kept thinking the program had crashed. That's because the first update is huge and can take up to an hour. But you keep getting a 'Not Responding' message from the R6 screen, which suggests something's not quite right. So I kept quitting before it had completed the task. I thought that 20 mins should have been quite long enough, and the progress bar hadn't budged.

The first problem is probably unlikely to occur again - just me being stupid. But I wonder if you might add something about the likely length of time the big updates take in the Dictionary Update page?