Topic: Determiner name recognition failure at data entry

At data entry, if I enter the name of a determiner (as opposed to leaving it blank such that it is the same as the recorder), the name is checked and accepted at the time of entry but when I try top save the record it tries to match the name again but without any matches. I get a box labelled Search text, showing the name I've entered, and the box underneath of Matches is blank. So it's only accepting records where the Recorder and Determiner are the same. I hope somebody can help!


Re: Determiner name recognition failure at data entry

If you enter the name, as you entered it, in the Search text when manually searching the name and address list does it find a match? Can you find a way to format the name so that it does match when it gets to the Search text field but is also still accepted when imported as the determiner

Andy Foy
Systems Manager
Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL) CIC


Re: Determiner name recognition failure at data entry

Thanks Andy. In the Search text box it already shows the name I entered, which came from the list of people when I entered it for the individual record, but then below this the Matches box is blank. The only button options seem to be OK (which does nothing) or Cancel, which says I have to have a matched name. I have tried it with different names, all of them valid, and I'm fairly sure I didn't have this problem when I first started using R6 so it may be a bug that's crept in at one of the upgrades.