Re: leaving

Dear All,

After 6 years as the Data & GIS Officer for BBOWT I shall be moving on to a new and exciting job within BBOWT, working as their Conservation Officer for Buckinghamshire.

I will be starting in my new job on Monday 14th July 2008.

It has been great working with you over the past years and I appreciate all the help and support I have also received from many of you. Thank you.

We are hoping an advert will be going out in the next couple of weeks looking for a replacement for the Data & GIS Officer post and I will make sure it gets sent out to all the appropriate user forums and groups I have been part of.

It has been a pleasure and once again thank you for all the support you have provided and I hope the mutual support and advice may continue with my successor.

All the best


Brian Miller
(Conservation Officer (Buckinghamshire), BBOWT)


Re: leaving

Hey Brian, good luck with the new role. Hopefully you'll still have at least some contact with the old 1's and 0's in some capacity, so perhaps our paths will cross again?

Take care.


Charles Roper
Digital Development Manager | Field Studies Council
http://www.field-studies-council.org | https://twitter.com/charlesroper | https://twitter.com/fsc_digital


Re: leaving

Good luck Brian!

Les Evans-Hill
Senior Data Officer
Butterfly Conservation, Butterflies for the New Millennium and National Moth Recording Scheme