Topic: Missing Species Observation under sample

I've just encountered a bit of an odd error... While using the report wizard to query a species new to the area the search returned no records. I thought this odd as there should have been at least 4 which i recently imported from iRecord.

Checking the original spreadsheet the records were present for the import process.
Checking the taxon occurrence direction (via the Survey) one record does not appear at all (no event) a separate record appears as an Event > Sample but with no occurrence.

Randomly expanding other Events in the dataset presented at least 10 other Events that contained samples but no taxon observations.

This is particularly concerning as i have no idea as to the extent of the issue or what might have caused it. It's clearly not limited to a particular taxon.

Has anyone else encountered similar behaviour?
Are there any reports that can be used to identify Sample with no attached occurrence?

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Re: Missing Species Observation under sample

What version of SQL Server are you on? I've had similar issues (but not the same... I hope) since we upgraded to 2019.

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Re: Missing Species Observation under sample

Useful to know but we are currently on 2016 and have been for quite a while. I'd like to say this is the first time it's happened but i still can't be certain..

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Re: Missing Species Observation under sample

I've not heard of this issue before. I don't do imports very often ... isn't there an error/output file (perhaps a .ref file?) generated after an import that contains a summary of all the record keys added/modified by the import? Does this contain any clues?

I've created an XML report that will list all surveys, events and samples that don't contain any taxon or biotope occurrences which might help show the extent of the problem (it works for a specific survey, event or all surveys and will appear under 'GiGL -> Find missing or empty samples'). Running it on our database reveals thousands of events/samples but these might be just left over when we've moved or deleted occurrences over the years.


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