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Message for Andy Foy.....

I've just installed DOSBox 74.2 onto a new Windows 11 machine and installed the batch file and config file into the C:\RECORDER folder as required, exactly as on my old Windows 10 machine.

Recorder 3 opens in DOSBox fine....I enter the user name OK but when I enter my password I get an "Invalid User" message. I'm using the correct user name and password, the Target line in DOSBox Properties is as it should be. All appears to be identical between the two machines.

Any thoughts?

Bob Marsh

Bob Marsh
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Re: DOSBox - Windows 11

Sorry for the slow reply, Bob, I've been on holiday.

I'm sorry but I don't have any idea about what the problem can be. I've only used the old Recorder program a couple of times to extract data for transfer into R6 and luckily managed to get DOSBox to work on a previous computer running Windows 7 at the time. I no longer have a copy of the old Recorder program or the data files, nor a computer running Windows 11, to be able to test it on for you. If you haven't already you could try contacting Sally Rankin to see if she has any clues - or perhaps someone else on this forum can help?

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Re: DOSBox - Windows 11

Have you tried using the super secret magical user name that lets you log in without a password? See https://forums.nbn.org.uk/viewtopic.php?id=721

Charlie Barnes
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