Topic: NBN Atlas status page and automatic error message

Dear all,

An automatic message and flashing red dot will now show at the top of the header on every page of the NBN Atlas when there is a problem with the records or species search. The message will automatically disappear and the red dot turn green when the services are available again.

The red and green dots link to an NBN Atlas status page (https://status.nbnatlas.org/), which shows the uptime and current status of the main NBN Atlas components.

At the moment this is only on the main NBN Atlas. Assuming that it does not cause any probems, we will add the new functionality to the individual country Atlases as well.

Best wishes, Sophie

Sophia Ratcliffe
NBN Atlas Data Manager


Re: NBN Atlas status page and automatic error message

I'm not getting any maps right now, just "[counting] records", but the status page is showing everything in the green?

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership