Topic: Report of records in grid squares

I want to report basic record details (species name, locality, grid ref, date, recorder) for about half a dozen specified 10km squares but I can't see one in System Supplied reports and using a filter in Wizard for the named 10km squares only reports records entered with that degree of accuracy i.e. excludes all records with more than 2-figures.
I also want to report a list of all 10km squares (for which I have entered records) showing the corresponding number records and species per square, so I can target under-recorded squares.
I would have though most county recorders would want to produce such reports so I'm probably missing something obvious here and apologies if it's been covered in previous posts.


Re: Report of records in grid squares

Hi Martin,
Try this....Reports/Run....Geographic Area/Location Reports/Grid square reports/Sq_1 Summary by squares...and fill in the fields.
Just tried it and seems to work OK for me

Bob Marsh

Bob Marsh
Doncaster LRC
Coleoptera recorder for YNU


Re: Report of records in grid squares

Thanks Bob. I tried this but it didn't show the Sample location field in the report (only Sample location name), nor the Family name, even though I'd specified Taxonomic order for sorting (but the resulting list wasn't). It maybe that I'm doing something wrong with the first three field as I don't really understand what's meant by a Designation Set. I just want all records. Did your report show Sample location and Family?