Topic: Outstanding issues with Recorder6? (Started June 2022)

If you have any outstanding issues or support needs relating to Recorder 6, please post them on this thread. If it's an issue you've posted before, which remains unresolved, it would be helpful if you could summarise it again here and include a link to any previous post/s.

The purpose of this thread is to get an overview of how the user community is getting on with Recorder6, currently. The Recorder6 Steering Group will review options for addressing issues, so that Recorder6 continues to be useable.

For more context, please see issue 3 of the Recorder6 newsletter (due out late June 2022) https://nbn.org.uk/tools-and-resources/ … wsletters/


Clare Blencowe
Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre | Manager
Recorder 6 Steering Group | Chair

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Re: Outstanding issues with Recorder6? (Started June 2022)

Thanks for the Newsletter Clare.
I've loads of them, it'd take a long time to detail so I'll summarise:
Reinstall on new PC stalled due to error in SQL installation.
No matter since
1. I have it on laptop too
2. I'm doing as much European work as UK work (https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/eu … tanypezids)
3. Also exporting to GBIF using NBN as node (https://www.gbif.org/publisher/1d7ce54a … 1a4a936776) and have another couple of thousand from 50+ papers to upload there.
4. Handling of coordinates and non-UK taxa in R6 doesn't suffice so I have to use pseudo-DwC spreadsheets (items 4, 5 etc. at https://micropezids.myspecies.info/node/291, I've a total of 4 somewhere - all draft of course)
5. Citation manager needs to be at least as good as Mendeley - which I consider poor and just barely adequate for work on Scratchpads
6. Image handling (digital asset management) needs to be along the lines of photools iMatch, particularly given the rise in popularity of photographs for recording. Thumbnails, metadata + drag and drop geotagging at least.
7. Still no GIS? Publication quality mapping is an NBN aspiration for the Atlas but should be more accessible in R6 - perhaps through QGIS functions (see https://forum.fscbiodiversity.uk/)
8. Is there any communication with NHM's Scratchpad team? Rob Davies has expressed an interest in moving towards some form of recording capacity (mine at https://micropezids.myspecies.info/ Barry's at https://agromyzidae.myspecies.info/ and we've many more within Dipterists Forum) see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fWBPw2 … mp;index=7
9. Is there support for DwC export yet? GBIF's notes are insufficient (their published model breaks down at one stage) At the moment I send NBN the nearest DwC I can devise using spreadsheets and their team do the final DwC conversion. They do a great job.
10. From a UK Recording Scheme perspective I've not had an R6 file sent to me for many years, it's all in the form of spreadsheets. Around 40,000 diptera sent to Sophie in the last year or so.

Sadly R6 has become a somewhat neglected tool in my toolbox