Topic: EOIeException:Login timeout expired

Hi all,

We are having some problems connecting to our R6 database, hopefully some of you may be able to help.

The error we are getting is "EOIeException:Login timeout expired"

We have a networked install of R6 running on a windows server at our HQ, I can access the database through the workstation install on the host server itself, but since coming back from Xmas break no-one can access locally via remote workstations (all in the same building, on the same network)  and there have been no changes made to hardware/software between then and now.

I can still access the R6 DB via SQL server mgmt studio through networked machines however, so I'm not entirely sure what is causing the error as the connection to the server still appears to be working.

Having spoken with Mike W already and carrying out further tests, both SQL Server Brower is running on both the host server and on the workstation and I have been able to connect to the DB using ODBC from my workstation.

Any of you with a network install who have gone through something similar and can provide any support would be greatly appreciated!



Re: EOIeException:Login timeout expired

Could it be an issue with a firewall blocking recorder?

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


Re: EOIeException:Login timeout expired

Allowing the application as an exception through the firewall, still generates the same error sadly.

I have double checked our AV software as that can often be quite quick to quarantine exe's but doesn't appear to have in this case.


Re: EOIeException:Login timeout expired

I've now managed to resolve this and posting this here in case anyone else runs into the same issue down the line.

The issue was caused by a pending Windows update on our server which was affecting SQL security. Applying the update and restarting the server has resolved the issue.


Re: EOIeException:Login timeout expired

We also have this problem and have had for quite a while. It just hangs before you even get to the log in box and then comes up with the error. It does work if you 'Run as administrator', however would like to get this fixed before updating Recorder as I am not sure what the issue is.

We have a networked install. The updates have just been done on the server by IT to try and fix the problem but the issue is still there.

Any other suggestions?