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Topic: NBN Record Cleaner doesn't start properly

Hi There,

NBN Record Cleaner has stopped working on one of our PCs: the error is as shown in the attached .PNG.

## Cannot set column 'DefaultFileLocation'. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column. ##

After displaying that message it is not possible to load any file in NBN Record Cleaner (the collapsible window is empty). Going Next or Back leads to more blank windows.

I have tried doing a clean install of the software (3 times!), removing any user/custom file as well and rebooting after doing so, but the issue persists.

The colleague that was using the program, said that this happened after loading an excel file with a particularly long file path/name. What surprises me is that the issue is still there, even after removing all traces of the sofware (folders, registry, etc.)...

Can anybody help?

We are using Windows 10 x64.

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