Topic: Recorder 3 "fatal error"

I have been happily running Recorder 3.4.3 (AREV v3.12) in DOSBox for some while. After processing one set of new record lists I received an error when I tried to update the indexes. I have been unable to rebuild the indexes for the same error which says "Fatal Error Readnexting in table !RECORDS" - see attached file for a screenshot.

Except that some background processing encounters the same error and chucks me out to the main screen whenever I pause in doing things, I can still enter records, but can't add them to the index.

I wondered about deleting REV20044.OV or replacing it with an older version, but I have no idea what this will do to my data. Help!


paul smith

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Re: Recorder 3 "fatal error"

I managed to fix this by copying an old REV20044.OV file (from an earlier backup), then rebuilding all the indexes in the Records table. (I actually did it in a separate directory and then copied the REV20044.OV and REV20044.LK files back to the original location). I tried running recorder without the 20044.OV file, in the hope that it could be rebuilt, but that didn't show any records.