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For our users downloading records, we have added a new mandatory ‘overview and download tab’, adjacent to ‘charts’ on the Occurrence Records web page which prompts users to check their data requirements first before downloading.  Users can now exclude or include absence, dead, unverified, fossil and CC-BY-NC licenced records as required.
If you have excluded any records you wish to download by mistake, you can easily include them again by deselecting the filtered records under the ‘Narrow Your Results’ section, or at the top of the Occurrence Records page.
There are no changes to the download section, but the ‘Download’ button is now located at the bottom right of the overview section and will take you to the download page.
The purpose of the change is to ensure users do not use CC-BY-NC licenced records for commercial purposes and to provide clarity around the types of records being downloaded.


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Does the NC in any way adversely affect the work of Local Environmental Records Centres?


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As far as I am aware, (most) LRCs are unable to use data via the CC-BY-NC licence:

From https://docs.nbnatlas.org/guidance-on-t … rcial-use/

Commercial Use

Any use which is primarily intended or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation (this includes cost recovery) e.g.

Any part of the process directed at gaining planning consent, land or infrastructure development including background research and report writing

Use on a third-party data aggregation website or app, even if that website or app is not in itself commercial

I think this was explicitly stated somewhere, but can't remember where (although obviously the licence itself is open to interpretation)

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


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Hi Darwin,

The advice from the NBN is currently LERCs use is considered commercial use and so CC-BY-NC records cannot be used by LERCs in their services to ecological consultants (it is the 'end use' to which the licence is applied. So a charitable or even free service provided to a consultant working on a commercial project would still be commercial use.

Obviously we're still able to form agreements and enable data flow outside the NBN Atlas.

LERC Officer
Merseyside BioBank - Local Environmental Records Centre for North Merseyside