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Don't know if anyone can advise with the following?

We've just upgraded to dictionary 04S. No errors were reported in the dictionary log but when I've checked the XML report Dic2 it's reporting Taxon Records as 317,034 rather than the 317,036 in the details for this upgrade. All other values (Taxon List, Taxon Version, Taxon List Item and Organism) are correct. I'm certain the values were correct after 04R as did check, but now doubting myself and don't have a previous screenshot to double check. Could go back to backup prior to upgrade to 04S if this would be the best option.



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I have investigated a few of theses minor differences and so far they have all turned out to be to do with system supplied indicator, which have no effect on the operation of R6. I am happy to investigate this for you in more detail, but to do so would require a copy of the backup of your database, If providing this is a problem then I wouldn't be concerned about this difference. I will continue to investigate in situations where I can get a copy of the database and this will hopefully lead to a better understanding of what are causing these issues.

Mike Weideli


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Thanks Mike,

I'll check to see if supplying a backup is possible

James (NBRC)