Topic: Taxon Abundance missing in report from template

Running version, I ran a report last ran back in February, and noticed some fields were missing. This means that changes introduced between the version of R6 I was running then (which would have been up to date), and the current version has resulted in this issue.

I recreated the report with the Wizard, and produced the output file, which contained 34 columns, of which 7 were Taxon Abundance columns, saving the resulting template.
However, when using the saved template to generate the report, only three abundance columns (Ovum, Larvae, Pupae) where generated, and missing the abundance columns for (Adult, Adult Male, Adult female, and Copulating Pair).

The attached template has columns in position 8, 9, 10, 11 missing in the generated report. I edited the template to alter the position of the columns, but it makes no difference, whether I use the edited template, or the one saved by the report Wizard, those same columns (but in different position) are missing.

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Harry Clarke
Surrey County Butterfly Recorder