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Topic: Import Wizard problems v6.30.0.291

I am having a few problems with the import wizard. The first one is irritating but the second and third annoying:

1. When matching species names, if it has not matched one due to more than one option (these are often due to deprecated names so probably they should be matched to the non-deprecated name??), the default list is ORGANISM and I have to change it to the list I want used and then it is OK but I have to do this with every name I have to manually match. I don't think that happened in earlier versions in that it remembered the list you were using.

2. The annoying issue is the next step when matching associated species names. The list offered is "All taxa" with no option to change lists and then nothing is matched with a message "There are more than one possible match for the following item(s_:". Then I have to match every associated name manually. This is definitely a new bug.

3. If I then in the next step try to match a biotope, I am also only offered a list of "All Taxa" which is not relevant for biotopes. And then have to match them all manually again.


Re: Import Wizard problems v6.30.0.291


I am running my own checks but in the meantime please check the settings in Options as  this alters the way matching works. Under  the General tab make sure that 'Use Preferred Taxa for Import Wizard' is not checked. Also check that 'Restrict Taxon Searches To is set to 'Current Check List'

It would help me if you could give me a few taxa which don't match and give you problem.

Where there is more than one option click in the Notes Column then on the Mag Glass in the Notes column. This will show you what the options are and you can choose without needing to do searches. Doing the same thing if there is no match will also doa comprehensive search listing all posibilities. This facility should mean that in most cases it is uncessary to do any searches directly in Taxon Lists.  You can also click on the Mag Glass in the Recorder Matches Column. This will take you to the current checklist where you can make a selection.

With Associated species  the  notes column hasn't been implemented but  the Mag Glass  in the Recorder Matches Column should take you to the current checklist.

The Biotope is a bug but  changing the options should get around it.p

Mike Weideli
Littlefield Consultancy - IT Consultants


Re: Import Wizard problems v6.30.0.291

That is great Mike - the changes to Options have solved the issue for both the Associated Species and the Biotope matching and I also no longer get the issue with ORGANISM list at the top as in my point 1. In this import, I didn't get non-matched species so I'll check another import list next time.