Topic: Security protocol issues

We've recently had some issues with our host organisation in allowing us to remotely access Recorder. This hasn't worked due to, according to out IT team, some out-dated security protocols that are not available on the remote access servers. More worryingly, there is currently an ongoing project to disable the use of this protocol across all of the server estate as it is deemed to be a security risk.
The protocol looks like it requires TLS 1.0 to connect to the database. When this protocol was disabled by a the team one of the original servers the software stopped working.
Please excuse the fact I'm paraphrasing words from our IT team, so I'm not sure this will fully make sense. Ultimately I'm looking to see if there is a fix/alternative way of doing this.

Many thanks,


Re: Security protocol issues

Hi Paul,

We are hosted by Tameside Council. We access Recorder6, and our shared drive and emails etc. via a VPN. I wonder if there is a VPN option available at your organisation.

VPN isn't a perfect solution though. Tameside's at least is slow and error prone. I don't bother trying to import records into Recorder6 from home because unless its less than 500 records it's more or less guaranteed to fail. You then end up with loads of odd records to deal with which Recorder6 can't use because the relationships are missing link records.


Re: Security protocol issues

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the advice.
Ultimately we are hosted by Newcastle City Council, but have another degree of separation through the Museums service. VPN would be a start, however I think ultimately though the TLS issue will need to be resolved  as I can't see the host org supporting VPN or anything else if the the protocols are deemed a security risk.