Topic: Analysis | Area report tool

I have just been using the area report tool to find the number of Scottish Biodiversity List species in a designated area. The query works fine, but the area of the polygon chosen (presented in sq km) appears to be wildly incorrect. I have crosschecked the site area with our own GIS and via MAGIC maps and the NBN Atlas comes up with a completely different area. Is this a bug? Am I missing something obvious? I tried this with another site and it too stated the polygon search area what appears to be incorrectly.


Mark Pollitt
SWSEIC (formerly DGERC)


Re: Analysis | Area report tool

Hi Mark

Sorry you are have detected a problem with the Area Report tool.  It sounds like a bug (not one I am aware of) but to investigate we do need some extra information so that we can replicate the problem. So it would be helpful to have details about:

1. What you were trying to achieve
2. The exact steps you took
3. What you expected the result to be
4. What the actual result was
5. Screenshots would be helpful too.

Feel free to post the details here or email me directly if you prefer.  Good to hear from you anyway and hope all well at SWSEIC.

Many thanks,

Christine Johnston
NBN Atlas Project Officer