Topic: Recorder 3.3, Windows 10 and Dosbox

So have finally needed to go to Windows 10.  I have
Downladed Drobox latest version into Programme files X86
Copied Recorder 3.3 to folder on C Drive of New Computer
Got DOSBox working and linking to Recorder 3.3 but

It is not the working system I had.  I only have three men options at the top of the page and get the error message
"Your DOS path for temporary files is invalid. Please check environment settings."

I have tried putting Recorder into the same folder on the C drive but that does not work.  Any help would be gratefully received.


Re: Recorder 3.3, Windows 10 and Dosbox

Yes I remember this. there is a record you need to edit. I think it is something like this.

F5 to bring up the console
Edit lrc.Sys...... Can't remember and I've just moved to 10 and have not put R3 on here. (only for reference)

Try List lrc* to see if you can find the rest of the name

Or it is a record for the system directories which are either in Environment settings or have to be edit as a record.

If I was looking at it, it would be easy. Let me see if I can get it off the old PC.

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Re: Recorder 3.3, Windows 10 and Dosbox

Ok. I've got a folder on my PC C:\Recorder3 which has in it \Recorder and \Arev312
I expect you only have the \Recorder and inside that \Arev. We have a development version and ours was setup differently.

It seems familiar but I don't think you need to do all these but it should work anyway
Attach C:\Recorder\Codes
Attach C:\Recorder\Data
Attach C:\Recorder\Progs (if you have one)
Attach C:\Recorder\Species
Attach C:\Recorder\System (this might be the only one needed take too much time to check)

Edit LRC_Sys Subdirectories
You should see something like this

Edit them to match where your data is and press F9 and esc
Edit Voc Logon
make sure they are all pointing to the current location of the directories. F9 Esc
LOGON - this will attempt to logon and you should see the splash screen of Recorder 3. It will likely not end in recorder starting though so when you get back to the console type; Quit
Restart Recorder the normal way and it should work except you might have the environment error.

Now in recorder go to Utilities\Environment\Hardware\Workstation
Edit your dos path for temporary files. I just created C:\Recorder\Output the Rollout location should be something like C:\Rollout.Sus and that should be fine. F9 to save

That should sort it.

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