Topic: Recorder 6 - VPN and remote working?

Hi all,

as some of you, we (our LERC) are now working remotely and will soon be setting up a VPN to access our network files (instead of relying on different copies of backups!).

I am not sure about what is going to happen to our Recorder 6 access.

Is anybody using recorder 6 through a VPN? Will it work normally by following the steps as from the the network installation?



Re: Recorder 6 - VPN and remote working?

Hi Claudia,

I hope you're all doing ok at TWIC?

I can't help with the technical side of the setup as we use Fife Council systems which are managed by the IT team (which has positives and negatives!), but Fife Nature are currently accessing Recorder 6 remotely.  I have use of a Fife Council laptop and can access Recorder 6 via a VPN.  Mhairi is using her own device and has access to Recorder 6 when she can log into the Fife Council remote desktop.

I really don't think this will be of much help as I have no idea how either of these things were setup, but I can confirm that remote access is possible...

Wishing all of you all the best,

Lindsay Bamforth
Fife Nature Records Centre,
Information Officer

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Re: Recorder 6 - VPN and remote working?

Greater Manchester Ecology Unit are accessing Recorder6 over VPN too. It works, but there are more occasions when I get the error message re: Close or Restart application. I think that is a flaky VPN connection though (either my end or the Council's) rather than Recorder6. If I'm importing large amounts of data or applying a batch update I go into the office as it's frustrating to get all of the way through the wizard and have it fall over. For getting data out of Recorder6 its more tolerable.

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