Topic: Deleted Records

Is there any way of finding out what record have been deleted from an area?
I'm trying to locate and update any records that have been rejected, but I can't now find the records, and my fear is that they have therefore been deleted by the user. Which is fine, except that we have already downloaded them into Recorder.

I know I've discussed this with John in the past and that as far as I can recall the only real way to deal with this is to delete the current set of records and re-import them, but that is only going to become more time consuming as more records get added to the system.

A way of getting a list of record ids of the deleted records from my region would help enormously.


Dave Slade
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Re: Deleted Records

Hi Dave,
Records are only mark deleted, but are also removed from the reporting cache tables. So we can reconstruct them and report on the deleted records. We could add a "Deleted records" report to SEWBReC if you want - it would be a bit slower as there won't be cache tables available, but probably good enough. Contact me if you want this to be developed (it's quite a small enhancement).
Best wishes

John van Breda
Biodiverse IT