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Topic: Taxon match tool and Record Cleaner

Am I right in thinking that Record Cleaner is sequential in nature? Thus if it detects errors concerned with Scientific name then it will not be able to progress to check dates and spatial references.
My first check is Chris Raper's Taxon match tool (http://nbn-sd-dev.nhm.ac.uk/taxonmatch.php) which was updated quite recently so inevitably if the Record Cleaner's UKSI is not as current then errors will be found. I can find no way past that page to the map screen on p26 of the guide (which starts with a "next" instruction which you'd expect to be preceeded by another procedural instruction - but isn't)
Guess I'll just have to use GIS to check the geospatial spread.

P.S. I remember Dave Brewer demonstrating a simpler map-based utility to me at Monk's Wood - what happened to that?