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Hi All,

Recently while importing data in to Recorder 6 an error message has been popping up, if we continue with the importing process one of two things occur; 1, The location occurrence is imported but no species occurrence data, or 2, we are told there were data points rejected but after examining the imported data it appear all the information has been correctly imported?

I have attached the screen grab of the error message,

If anyone else has come across this issue we would be very grateful for any advice or solutions to this error.

We would also appreciate any advice of how to track down any samples which do not have any species occurrences?

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Re: R6 Import Error


I haven't seen this before.  Is this importing Recorder 6 data from an Access zipped database  or using the Import Wizard ? The error message suggest the former. 

There is a Batch Update which removes samples with no occurrences, but this may be bit drastic.  The Batch Update could be adapted as a report so that you can see what is there first.

Mike Weideli
Littlefield Consultancy - IT Consultants


Re: R6 Import Error

I've had this before when importing from access databases before. Unzipping the access database and compact & repairing it seems to solve the problem.

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


Re: R6 Import Error

Hi Both,

This is happening when we are using the import wizard. Happens occasionally, cant pin down the cause but if we delete and re-import the data it imports fine (but not always).

Very odd