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Topic: How to force iform to recognise new Indicia Warehouse URL?


For various reasons, we have made a clone of my Indicia site and the associated databases. The Drupal side is working well but iform is not updating the location of the warehouse. If I go to iform Diagnostics I get this error message:

Warning: A request sent to the Indicia Warehouse URL did not respond as expected. Please ensure that the helper_config.php $base_url setting is correct. The current setting is... and it gives the old address.

I have cleared the Drupal cache and run cron multiple times, and triple-checked that the $base_url setting is indeed correct. What else do I need to do?

*Edit - I forgot to say that I also updated the site_domain in indicia_warehouse/application/config/config.php.

Also - and it is presumably related - I get an error when I try to go to the iform settings page (admin/config/iform/settings). This gives me:

Exception: 277df7992bb93b5f206ac7277ffe97352974f593 in helper_base::get_read_auth() (line 1406 of /var/www/www.the-eis.com/citizenscience/sites/all/modules/iform/client_helpers/helper_base.php).

Please can someone help?

(I'm hoping this forum is still active despite the last message being 7 months ago.)



Re: How to force iform to recognise new Indicia Warehouse URL?

Hi Alice

I do still get notified if there is a new post on here, so that's OK. We're just very busy with specific projects so there isn't a great deal of general support questions.

One thought - have you got a file called helper_base.php in your client_helpers folder? This might have an old base_url setting in it - if it does and you are running a recent version of the iform module then you should actually be able to remove this file completely (though keep a backup of course). But given the line number in your error message on the setting page I think your code is quite old?

Since you aren't managing to load the settings page correctly, I'm actually wondering if you are just changing the URL in the helper_base.php file and didn't realise that this file isn't used when the system is running inside Drupal, since the settings are overriden by Drupal variables which are set on the settings page?

One way to fix this might be to edit the iform.module file and look for the iform_get_connection_details function, then force the setting it is loading from the indicia_base_url variable. Then use the settings page to set the correct value so your code hack is no longer necessary.

John van Breda
Biodiverse IT


Re: How to force iform to recognise new Indicia Warehouse URL?

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. That info is useful.

It seems like there were a few unrelated issues to sort out first. The website is now displaying data from the live version of the indicia database (not the test one as it should be). I can now load the settings page but when I change the URL it tells me "The configuration for the connection to the warehouse is incorrect. This could be an incorrect or unavailable Indicia Warehouse, an incorrect Indicia Website ID or Password." and it highlights the Indicia Website ID field (currently set to 2). I assume I need to edit the Admin > Websites setting in the Indicia interface. I can't do that at the moment as we haven't got that working properly yet, but I think we are on the right track.