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I am in the process of moving some records from a generic record survey (Squirrels) to a specific survey (Fife Red Squirrel Group) and this is proving very difficult. I was wondering if there is a batch update for this? using the TOK and changing from current survey to new survey name? I think this would help me but if anyone has any other ideas how to do this it would be much appreciated.


Re: batch update for Survey name?

Assuming you want to move whole samples/events and not records within samples it  is  easy to do and I attach a Batch update which works in this way. To move only certain records within samples is possible, but a lot more complicated. If you require this let me know and I will see what i can do, but may need to  charge for the work. 

You will need a csv file which contains a column headed Taxon_Occurrence_Key. This  must contains the keys of the records to be moved. Other columns must also be present, but will be ignored. Take a backupup before running this update. Before adding any new records check that it has done what you require and only moved the required records. 

Copy the Batch update files into the Batch Update folder. It will appear under menu LC/Special.
Two parameters are required - the first to identify the csv file with the Taxon Occurrence Keys. The second to identify the Survey which the records are to be moved to. This is the name of the Survey. You can just enter the first part of the name, but if you do this be careful to make sure that it identifies just one Survey.

There are no checks in the update that Survey Event dates are within the Survey Dates. To make sure all is Ok revalidate the new Survey  by right clicking on it and selecting revaidate record.

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Re: batch update for Survey name?

Thank you Mike, I didn't get a notification of your reply but I have now checked the appropriate box in my profile settings to enable auto subscription to topics. Thanks again, Mhairi