Topic: Dictionary Upgrade 0000004L onwards

I note that there are new instruction for dictionary upgrades.
One of the conditions is quoted as "You have registered with Recorder 6 Steering group and have a Licence key covering the current financial year".

I am not sure whether I can use my current licence key or whether I have to wait for the Steering Group to sort out the system for issuing new keys and payment of the annual fee.




Re: Dictionary Upgrade 0000004L onwards


Sorry the web site was updated in anticipation of an announcement from the Steering Group. This is not now expected until   next week . You will need to wait until you have registered with the Steering group and obtained the Licence Key for use when updating the dictionary etc.  It doesn't affect your R6 Verification key which remains the same.   


Mike Weideli


Re: Dictionary Upgrade 0000004L onwards

Thanks Mike.
I'm being impatient as I have a long list of records which have been waiting for the latest UKSI revision.