Topic: How do I rebuild?

I have a new Windows 10 PC and Recorder 6 data only in the form of the server database on a rescued hard disk from a crashed Win 7 PC (fried motherboard, so no other access)
I cannot be certain which server version I had but it was a few years ago.

What is a logical sequence of steps I should take?

PS I do have most of it as copies on a Win 10 laptop, R6 Version but would like to find the rest of my work


Re: How do I rebuild?

First step will be to get the database to attach to a version of SQL Server. It is likely to be that you are on a old version of SQL Server - Perhaps SQL 2000. What version of SQL Server have you on your laptop ?

Mike Weideli
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Re: How do I rebuild?

Thanks for your reply Mike.
The SQL Server Management Studio on my laptop says "2008 R2" but I can put any version I like onto the new desktop PC.
Will they all read the database OK?


Re: How do I rebuild?

Identifying SQL Server version
In the folder G:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server there are just numbered subfolders: 80, 90 & 100
From the information given at https://code-examples.net/en/q/11e295e I conclude that I had SQL Server 2008


Re: How do I rebuild?

You should be able to attach your database to the sql version you have. Using management studio detach your live database. Find the file (NBNdata_Data.mdf) and secure it and the associated log file. I suggest both renaming it and also taking a copy off of the machine - make sure it is very secure. Zipping it will make this easier. Copy the old server database file into the folder and attach it. If you have the log file copy this in as well - if not it will still be Ok.  You can now work with the database. Possibly R6 will open with it. If so you can look st the data and decide what you need to do.  Otherwise you can use MS Access to pull out the data you need and import this into your current R6 version. Not sure if you will be able to actually import the data as R6 records - it depends how you have handled the site id etc.

To restore your live system detach the old database and secure it. Copy back in your live database and attach it.

Mike Weideli
Littlefield Consultancy - IT Consultants