Topic: SQL upgrade from Express to Standard


We support the records centre in Essex and need to assist them in upgrading from SQL express to standard as they approach 1 million rows.

The issue we have is that we are unsure of the SA password for the current server and therefore need to know; 1) Does Recorder 6 actually rely on an SA password or does it use a specific username 2) how to update the password in the application once the move has been completed to ensure everything still works?

Hope that makes sense and someone has come across this before.



Re: SQL upgrade from Express to Standard


R6 doesn't hold the SQL password.  It may connect using trusted connection or the sa password, depending on how it was originally set up.  To transfer to a later version of SQL Server it would be helpful if you can detach the database using management  studio.  You can set up the new sql instance with trusted security or an  sa password.  It will not be necessary then to install R6 again and will only require some regisitry changes on the workstations. If you can't connect with Management Studio, because you don't have the required access then  then it does make it a bit more difficult.  Remember you can only move up two version of SQL Server. Let me know a bit more about what versions you are on and what you are thinking of doing and I will provide some more specific advice.

Mike Weideli


Re: SQL upgrade from Express to Standard


Current version of Express is 13.0.5101.9 (2016 SP2) and the new version would be dependent on what's required as the VLA has software assurance on it.

I have management studio access via a domain admin user which actually shows the SA user as disabled so I suppose that answers my question that the application is not authenticating with SA.

Should I therefore be okay to detach the DB, install the new version matching the instance name and re-attach?




Re: SQL upgrade from Express to Standard

Yes you should be fine.

Mike Weideli