Topic: Problem with Dictionary update


We are tyrying to update teh dictionary files following updating to the latest version of Recorder 6 but we seem unable to do this either using tools>database tools>update dictionary or by running the "recorder dictionary upgrade" application directly on the SQL server.

When running through the application we are told that the file is not found in the directory and then that the licence key is not correct.

When running from the SQL server the message is that contained in the screenshot attached.

Any ideas?



Re: Problem with Dictionary update

we have now managed to upgrade to the latest version, but having rebuilt the taxon indexes Recorder will not now let me import data - I get to the "validate data" stage and the dataset comes up with no errors, but Recorder will not let me click on to the next screen. Can anyone advise please?


Re: Problem with Dictionary update

The dictionary upgrade via the application hasn't been fully implemented yet (see release notes).  When it it is there will be a totally new file made available and you will need a licence key.

I am looking into the problem with the import wizard.  I don't think this is related to the dictionary upgrade and nothing I can think of was changed at this stage in the processing.  If you can't click on the 'Next' screen after validation it normally means that there is no species column selected, or you have a column selected which depends on another column which is not selected.  Please could you  try just selecting the species column (ie skip all the others).  If this allows 'Next' to be selected then select the other columns you need. If just selecting the species column doesn't allow 'Next; to be selected let me know.

Mike Weideli
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