Topic: Add Fields To Survey Event?

I am trying to learn Recorder 6, in the hope that I can use it as a database for recording and sharing chiroptera (bat) records. However I'm at a loss to understand how, or even if, I can enter some essential types of data, especially those that pertain to the Survey Event level.

Examples of data that needs to be entered at the Survey Event level are:

End Date.
Time Offset (e.g. -00:00 or +01:00)
Start Time.
End Time
First Detect Time.
Last Detect Time.
Start Temperature.
Midnight Temperature.
End Temperature.
First Detect Temperature.
Last Detect Temperature.

These are all things that apply to the Survey Event (nights recording) as a whole, not to individual detections. Is there a way to enter these to the "Survey for a place" forms, or the "Enter species record..." forms?

Some of these such as "End Date", "Time Offset", "Start Time", and "End Time" are essential to understanding the data. How can I add these fields to the survey forms?


Re: Add Fields To Survey Event?

The event level will not support what you are asking for, but the sample level will.. However  you will need to use the observation hierarchy to enter the data as the additional information will not be supported through the cards,  The sample will cover all observation made on the night. What you need to do us to set up Measurements for each of  extra data type you require and add data to these measurement types as sample measurements. One option is to set up a card to record the basic information then go into the observation hierarchy  afterwards  and add the additional information at sample level.

Mike Weideli
R6 Consortium