Topic: Problem with import

Just done an import from a text file and received the following error:

Items rejected by Recorder 6 in data imported at 12:21:07 on 20/02/2019:
Exception on create for SQLSERVER_SURVEY_EVENT: ODBC--call failed
Exception on create for SQLSERVER_SAMPLE: ODBC--call failed
Exception on create for SQLSERVER_SURVEY_EVENT_RECORDER: ODBC--call failed
Exception on create for SQLSERVER_TAXON_OCCURRENCE: ODBC--call failed
Exception on create for SQLSERVER_TAXON_OCCURRENCE_DATA: ODBC--call failed
Exception on create for SQLSERVER_TAXON_DETERMINATION: ODBC--call failed

it said it hadn't imported c 130 items out of 7,600, but I have no idea what didn't go in! I can't understand how the ODBC call can be selective!

Follow-up - I have just rerun the import and (because it was MapMate data using the MapMate key it doesn't create extra records) - all records were marked as being duplicates and this time all went in without error!


Craig Slawson
Staffordshire Ecological Record

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Re: Problem with import

I think this looks like same errors as we've been reporting and Mike is looking at - thread here . Started off intermittent with us and now we can no longer import data. Hope we can get to the bottom of this soon.

Mike - anything we can do to help get to the bottom of this?

Mark Pollitt
SWSEIC (formerly DGERC)