Topic: R6 to NBN Atlas Exporter - Addin

We are now in a position where we would like to extend testing of the this Addin to passing a live dataset to the NBN. If anyone would like to help with this please contact me directly at mike@Lfield.co.uk . To take part you need to be on R6 Version 6.28 and be in a position to easily install the addin. Access to the registry and the R6 Addin files folder would also be useful. Testing so far has included produced a 450,000 record export from a live system, but the NBN does not have a test version of the Atlas so a test with live data going into the Atlas is the next step.

Mike Weideli


Re: R6 to NBN Atlas Exporter - Addin

Hi Mike,

It would be grand if such feature was implemented.

Here at TWIC we would be happy to help you with R6 development.

Our R6 is, as this post seems old I wonder if the add-in work with 6.28 only or if I could test still test it on our R6?

All the best,



Re: R6 to NBN Atlas Exporter - Addin


It will work with anything after 6.28. It should generate the files as it was tested against some fairly large live databases, but you never know. The NBN did look at the files and they seemed Ok, but it needs a live test.

Mike Weideli