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I am seeing Welsh (?) common names displayed for plants rather than the English ones we used to see - why is that? It makes the NBN Atlas rather less useful, and a bit confusing too.
Also could we have the common names in normal lower case style, rather than in CAPITALS?


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Have been seeing the Welsh name variants for a while now - something of a nuisance to be honest.


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I think Sophia is aware of the issue over the less common common names being picked up: https://forums.nbn.org.uk/viewtopic.php?id=7239

Agree it is a problem...

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It IS a problem. Look at Typha latifolia, and click on Names, and there are 10 Welsh names and NO English names ?! What is going on here with the Atlas?
The Comments Box on the Overview page is also now a major problem. It pulls in comments from the USA, but there are plenty of websites with UK information that could be the link? It is all very odd.


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Is that last paragraph regarding USA comments again something to do with EOL ?
This was flagged as an inappropriate website to use for species information in https://forums.nbn.org.uk/viewtopic.php?id=6912


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The problem with common names and inappropriate text was flagged when the Atlas of Scotland first appeared. I can understand that at the time, in view of all the other operational problems, that these issues were a low priority, however there seems to have been very little consideration as to how to resolve the situation. Sorting out the common names is a technical issue, but replacing the text is more complex and will almost certainly require input from the specialist and regional recording groups and various other organisations.
Perhaps the first step is to consider how we are going to tackle the problem and then make a start.