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Topic: ‘Find designations for <taxon>' report not returning designations

We have created an additional local designation to indicate birds considered local rarities, requiring description.  I updated this earlier by making additions to the rucksack and followed the procedure as usual to 'Assign Taxons to a designation (using rucksack)', then did checks using ‘Find designations for <taxon>'.  Everything seemed to have work fine, with one peculiarity...

Running the 'Find designations for...' report for Egyptian Goose returned no results, even though when I go to the Taxon Dictionary Browser, under Statuses in the side panel, the 'designation' we created is there, with the expected date and time.  It is also definitely in the rucksack, and all other species checked did return the created designation using the 'Find designations for...' report...

Not particularly a problem for us, as we don't actually have any records of Egyptian Goose, but was intrigued as to what could be going on... 

Thanks for any thoughts!

Lindsay Bamforth
Fife Nature Records Centre,
Information Officer