Topic: Adding a new Determination

I have quite a few Taxon Occurrences (for several species) that require a re-determination and have their associated Obs Key for each species (list). I wish to hold onto the current determination, but want to add a 'New/Correct Species', Determiner, Role, Type and Date, and make this the preferred.

The 'new species name' will change, but Determiner, Role, Type and Date will be the same for all for the re-determinations.

All help appreciated.


Re: Adding a new Determination


Start with a spreadsheet with the obs key and  columns for the new data.  The species name will be OK, but if you have the key this would be better. A Batch Update can be used to make the changes. There may be an existing one which will  do the job, but I need to check this out.

Mike Weideli