Topic: Order of years in interactive map

In the interactive map (e.g. https://records.nbnatlas.org/occurrence … b_mapView) in the "narrow your results"- Occurence  - Year filter

the years are being ordered by the number of records, but chronological order would make it more usable (and the ability to use date ranges would be even better!)

One of the things I really miss about the Gateway is the quick mapping facility where you could make maps showing up to three date ranges to see distribution change over time. I know there are ways and means in the Atlas (including the animation in the Analyse map section which doesn't always work brilliantly when I try it). One day I hope it will be easier to have something similar again in the Atlas (I was looking at this species as someone was saying there was a range increase on iRecord so I was trying to see what the records on NBN looked like over time.)

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