Topic: New Reporting Addin for R6

The prototype of a new adin for R6 which allows formatted reports to be generated from R6  XML and Report Wizard output is available at www.Recorder6.info/LCFastReporting.zip Download and unzip the file and read the documentation before proceeding.  It should  work with all version of R6 up to 6.29. The addin does not make any changes to the R6 database or core R6 software.   

This addin enables the output from R6 to be formatted into very complex reports using 'Fast Report' banded report writer.  However, it is relatively easy to use - much easier than the current report writer in R6 which is both difficult to use and only works with standard fields. For more information on the capabilities of 'Fast Report' see  https://www.fast-report.com/en/product/ … ort-vcl-6/

The R6 implementation includes the majority of the available features.   

The principle on which it works is that an XMl report or RW report is used to get the standard spreadsheet type output from R6.  The output from this is then available to the addin.  One XML or RW report can be used to report on the data in multiple different ways. 

The downloaded file contains some examples of what can  achieved, together with some basic instructions.

Mike Weideli