Topic: trouble importing shapefiles


Since the last update I have been having problems importing shape-files to Rec6.
First it gives you the message...
A corrupt import file may result in all data attached to a polygon being lost...Do you wish to continue?

Then when I try and bring in a the file as a polygon layer, I get an Error: File not found.... Unable to import file...

This function occasionally gave this error in the past, but generally moving it to a location with a shorter extension sorted the issue.

Any help appreciated.



Re: trouble importing shapefiles

I will investigate. The actual import process hasn't changed  just there is some security around it to prevent corruption.

Mike Weideli


Re: trouble importing shapefiles


Just an update.
I created a 100m buffer of the shapefile and saved this simpler file directly in the Rec6, Map Files folder. I needed to check the security permissions. It will now import to Rec6. So, it may have been the original file had too much detail, or the security level was causing a problem or maybe it just liked a shorter, more familiar extension name.
Anyway problem sorted.
Many thanks