Topic: Locking Surveys on Recording Card Templates

Hi all,

I'm looking to try and stop some basic errors I've noticed from users who are importing data on recording card templates.

It seems that on a couple of occasions users have selected the survey they wanted to add records to, but if they don't click away and continue to scroll with the mouse, the survey can be accidentally changed. To reduce the chance of this happening, I was wondering if there was any way to set up recording card templates which have a certain survey selection 'locked in'? I.e. the survey name is preset on the card and therefore the records can't go into any other survey than that.

Additionally, is it possible to reduce the number of dictionary options available on a recording card? E.g. to restrict the use of vascular plant taxa dictionaries etc. on a recording card for birds. We've recently had an entry of the Avocet Snipe Eel (Avocettina infans) into our bird records because the recording card took 'Snipe' from the Oceanic Pelagic fish dictionary not from the Birds dictionary.

Any ideas on how we can reduce the chance of errors like this would be much appreciated!

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Re: Locking Surveys on Recording Card Templates


A change on these lines has been incorporated in R6 version 6.29. This has just been released as a beta test version. Subject to further testing it is hoped that it will be released  in a few months time. The relaese notes are available at https://forums.nbn.org.uk/viewtopic.php?id=7188

Mike Weideli