Topic: Recorder 6 and SharePoint

The LERC I work for is part of a Council who are currently in the process of migrating to SharePoint.  The eventual removal of network drives will result.  Recorder 6 is on a virtual server, but information the software uses (e.g. Addins, Base Maps, xml, wzd, Rucksacks, etc. etc.) appears as a network drive and we would also currently import from and export to locations on network drives.  I was wondering if anyone who uses Recorder 6 is already working in a SharePoint environment and has any experiences they could share?


Lindsay Bamforth
Fife Nature Records Centre,
Information Officer


Re: Recorder 6 and SharePoint

I've not done this myself but might be able to give you something to read up on.

You will have to keep your virtual server. However you may be able to share the recorder directories with a SharePoint site using a OneDrive client installed on the server. If you are using Office365 you might need to speak with Microsoft about whether the vm will need its own kiosk style license etc.

You can then use something called Symlinks (symbolic links) to enable the recorder6 working directory to sync with OneDrive. Include only the folders you want. For instance you don't want to resync the entire of NBNData with each change as this will be a big old file. More info for your techie on symlinks can be found here... https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/c … -or-linux/

I love Office365 and can't wait until we migrate to the cloud. SharePoint online is amazing! Let us know how you get on.