Topic: Edit Taxon Details - persistent common name

In the "A list to hold user added taxa" removing a name from the "Taxon Name" tab in Edit Taxon Details doesn't remove it from the taxon.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Dictionaries -> Edit Taxon Details
2) Select the list "A list to hold user added taxa"
3) Select a taxa
4) Add a taxon name on the taxon name tab, and tick it
5) Save

6) Remove the name by right clicking on it and delete taxon name
7) Save

The name you just deleted remains in the index_taxon_name as the common name rather than being reverted to the taxon name.

However, I don't seem to be able to reproduce this consistently.

Adding a common of the scientific name to alleviate the issue (and then deleting the scientific name) appears to have deleted the taxon from index_taxon_name table (it's still present in the checklist because I haven't reopened it but it is absent from the index_taxon_name table - trying to edit the taxon gives me an access violation error).

I now have two determinations that have taxon_list_item_keys that are NOT present in the index_taxon_table.

I think this may be related to wider issues with the index_taxon_name table and user added taxa -am I right in thinking there should only be one entry in this table for each taxon? The common names are added as an additional entry. I can see why this was done (to be able to handle multiple user added common names) but it seems to break the purpose of the table? Would it not be better to add the common names as distinct taxon in their own right - as I believe is done with system supplied data? But I'm out of my depth here..

Charlie Barnes
Information Officer
Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership


Re: Edit Taxon Details - persistent common name

There does seem something not right here, but as yet I haven't managed to work out exactly what is going on.  It seems that when you delete the alternative name the original name is still left with System Supplied Data set to false so it isn't found. 

A rebuild of Index_taxon_name should sort things out.

Mike Weideli