Topic: Red List categories in R6

Was having a look at Red List designations in R6 for plants. It seems that species which are categorised in England on the 'Vascular Plant Red List for England' are given the status of Red List Great Britain (RLGBXXX in the status abbreviation when exported). None of the fields thath are exportable allow any way of filtering out any statuses that don't apply here in Scotland. As an example, Heather Calluna vulgaris has the England Red List status of near threatened (NT), but I believe the GB Red List status when last published was Least Concern (LC). In Scotland only one of these is relevant to me. I apparently have no way of knowing which one I'm getting out when I extract the data.

Clear as mud to me... perhaps someone else can enlighten me!


Mark Pollitt
SWSEIC (formerly DGERC)


Re: Red List categories in R6

Hello Mark

Applying the latest Recorder 6 dictionary update should help differentiate the Vascular Plant Red List statuses for England from Great Britain as they should then be displayed with a status abbreviation of RLENGXXX

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Re: Red List categories in R6


Are the IUCN Red list designations up to date in Recorder 6?  I've just received a specific request from a colleague for a search on IUCN red list threatened species so wanted to check whether I can reliably identify them through Recorder 6 using RLGB.XX abbreviations?


Lindsay Bamforth
Fife Nature Records Centre,
Information Officer